The Certified Family Wealth Inheritance Planner (CFWIP) Certification Course originates from the American Family Inheritance Planning Association (AFIP). In order to offer this course, local associations around the world must apply for and obtain accreditation from AFIP. To accommodate the different learning styles in different regions, the course design should conform to the local customs and practices.
An examination will be conducted at the end of each stage of the course. The examination format is not limited, and only requires the completion of grading by a certified instructor to obtain the certification. For the specific certification process, please refer to the regulations established by the local association. The names of those who obtain the certification will be published on the AFIP website as proof.
In order to prevent unscrupulous individuals from using the Internet to capture certificate images and misuse them, the website will no longer display certified planner certificate image files from now on. When using this certification, planners should present the original certificate. If necessary, the inspection unit may still ask the certified person to present a valid ID card as supporting evidence. Electronic files and copies are invalid.
Note: The certificate name is sorted in alphabetical order from A to Z.


CategoryLicense NumberLicense NameLicense Status
Level1CFIPTW 2007242501JHANG,YI-CHENGValid
Level1CFIPTW 2007242502SHEN,SHIH-YOUValid
Level1CFIPTW 2007242503WU,SIAO-JIValid
Level1CFIPTW 2007242504SIE,YI-SHANValid
Level1CFIPTW 2007242505CHEN,SIN-YIValid
Level1CFIPTW 2009111201Lee Hou TeValid
Level1CFIPTW 2009111202Sun Jui ChiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2009111203Chen Yu LinValid
Level1CFIPTW 2009111204Hsu Hsiang YuValid
Level1CFIPTW 2009111205Liu Yun WeiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2103272801Lin Yun NoValid
Level1CFIPTW 2103272802Lee Hsiao JuiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2103272803Lee Kuo ChingValid
Level1CFIPTW 2103272804Huang Kai ChunValid
Level1CFIPTW 2103272805JHU,YU-WEIValid
Level1CFIPTW 2103272806Lee Chung Wei Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2103272807Ku Ching YaValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262701Yang Ju DungValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262702Chuang Chiao YuValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262703Huang Hsiu LiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262704Lee Wan Shih Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262705Chen Hung LinValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262706Jao Shu WeiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262707Wu Meng LingValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262708Chou Yueh ChingValid
Level1CFIPTW 2203181901Lin Tzu YehValid
Level1CFIPTW 2203181902Cheng Ting Jiun Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242501Lai Hui Ju Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242502Michelle TsaiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242503TUNG, CHAO KANGValid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242504Chung Chih Hsuan Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242505LIN SHIH CHUNValid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242506Lei Cheng HsingValid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242507YU, Cheng HanValid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242508WU,SIOU-JHENValid
Level1CFIPTW 2209232401SUNG SU YINGValid
Level1CFIPTW 2209232404Hsu Hsiu Hwa Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2209232405Ku Ai Ti Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2209232406HSIEH TSUNG HANValid
Level1CFIPTW 2209232407HAU JUI CHUN Valid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262709Lin Chia HuiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2111262710Liao Yi JieValid
Level1CFIPTW 2209232408Lin Chun ChiehValid
Level1CFIPTW 23020901LU MIN SHUValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242501HUANG,WEI-LONGValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242502CHAO, MENG-WEIValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242503CHEN HSIN YUValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242504HUANG PO-HAWValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242505TSENG WEI-TINGValid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242509SU YING-CHUValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242506LIN TZU YUNValid
Level1CFIPTW 2206242509LIN KUN PINGValid
Level1CFIPTW 23071501LI YI JIEValid
Level1CFIPTW 23071502CHEN JIN XIAValid
Level1CFIPTW 23071503WEI EN KRValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242507Chen Chu Lin MeiValid
Level1CFIPTW 2303242508An BAIHEValid